Coastal bug inland

I love finding unusual bugs, especially when they’re in our garden, as it means our tiny yet crammed patch is appealing to wildlife. I just wish I knew what all our flowers are, as it would make identifying insects a lot easier.

Corizus hyoscyami

Corizus hyoscyami


This bug, corizus hyoscyami, seems to have got lost. I’m sure I’ve identified it correctly, and apparently it’s usually found in sandy areas and near the coast. However, we live almost next to the spot that’s named the centre of England, far from the sea.

Not sure what the plant is that it’s on, but it’s attracted quite a few insects, including this one:

What is it?

What is it?

I’d love to know what that is, if anyone has any ideas? I tried to get a decent photo of it for 20 minutes or more, but it seemed to know when I was pointing the lens at it and kept hiding.

Meanwhile, I tried to take a photo of an unusual wasp-type creature that flew past, but it was too quick. I’m almost certain it was a horntail (giant wood wasp – basically a big sawfly), because of its distinctive shape and colouring. Never seen one before. It’s another unexpected find, as I wouldn’t say we lived anywhere near a pine forest.

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