One day on…

…and the unidentified creature (see yesterday’s blogpost) has morphed into this:

nymph of corizus hyoscyami

nymph of corizus hyoscyami


I think it’s the same bug, anyway. Its new guise leads me to believe that it’s the nymph of the corizus hyoscyami – you can see the adult version of this in yesterday’s blogpost. This makes sense, as the adult is always lingering near it.

Corizus hyoscyami is from the Rhopalidae family of scentless plant bugs, and feeds on plants. The young nymphs appear in August/September, which tallies with when I spotted this one. The bug has a year-long lifespan, and is mainly seen from April to October on sand dunes and in gardens. Apparently it smells of cinnamon and the Dutch call it the Cinnamon Bug, but I didn’t notice any smell!

For similar bugs, check out this link:

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