Cabbage White caterpillars

I haven’t been on here for a while, but I still have plenty of photos to share, even as we go into the dark depths of winter, when it may become difficult to even find any insects to snap. I’m intrigued to see whether it will be the case that insects hibernate as the weather turns cold. It’s not something I’ve pondered before. I suppose a lot of species do lie dormant, such as the queen wasp, who battens down for the winter after the worker wasps, drones and the old queens die off (unless there is enough food for a nest to keep going).

Butterflies are another insect that likes to lie low over winter, hibernating either as an adult or an egg, caterpillar or chrysalis! Has anyone ever found any of these over winter? They obviously hide well.

One butterfly I’ve seen in abundance this summer is the Cabbage White. It probably gets plenty of food from people’s gardens, if the devastation the caterpillars caused our nasturtiums is anything to go by. I saw some of the butterflies hover over the area where the nasturtium plant used to be, when it was overrun by caterpillars, and then fly away suddenly. I wonder if they had been some of the caterpillars that had fed on that plant…

These pictures were taken in July:


Cabbage White butterfly caterpillars

And this is another nasturtium, with another batch of caterpillars, in August:

Cabbage White butterfly caterpillars

Cabbage White butterfly caterpillars

As you can see, they’re not great if you want your nasturtiums to last!


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