Thick-legged flower beetle

Although the oedemera nobilis beetle is supposedly quite common in the UK, this is the first (and only) one I have seen, so I was thrilled when it landed on me in the garden last June. It’s an interesting-looking insect – alien-like, I think, with its long, shiny green body and hairy, bulbous ‘thighs’. Those distinctive legs (femora/femur) show that this one is a male.

Thick-legged flower bug (Oedemera nobilis)

Thick-legged flower bug (oedemera nobilis)

As its name suggests, it feeds on pollen from flowers, including umbels, chamomile, ox-eye daisy and yarrow (but they visit a wide range). Found from April until August/September in England and Wales, they are particularly prevalent in May. Another name for them is the False Oil Beetle, but I don’t know why – can anyone shed some light?


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